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About Greg Papandrew

Greg Papandrew is the co-founder of Better Board Buying. He has been saving circuit board customers money for over 25 years. Greg has pioneered a number of innovative approaches to offshore PCB purchasing, including high-mix, low-to-medium volume production. He was also among the first to deploy Asia-based personnel to successfully manage the manufacture of quality product delivered to the United States on time, at competitive prices. Greg has long been steeped in every step of the board buying and manufacturing cycle. He has sold PCBs directly for various fabricators and, for over a decade, he ran one of the fastest-growing circuit board distributors in the United States. He has seen the industry grow and change. He knows what works and what does not work. Now, he’s once again upending traditional industry practices that have grown stale and bloated with unnecessary overhead. He is using his hard-won expertise to help circuit board buyers and to offer PCB customers a closer, more cost-effective relationship with overseas manufacturers. For more information, email