PCB Basics for Buyers: A Quick Guide to the PCB Industry

It’s OK to Upset the PCB Apple Cart

April 13, 2021: PCB buyers and procurement managers sometimes resist moving their printed circuit board production away from the PCB brokers they’ve been using for years. They say they are happy with the quality they get from the brokers, and, essentially, they don’t want to upset the apple cart. So the people responsible for overseeing a company’s supply chain and ensuring the most cost-effective operation often go along with an [...]

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Are Your PCB Buyers Leaving Money On the Table?

April 6, 2021: EMS Program Managers: Are your PCB buyers staying competitive in the face of COVID-19 restrictions, increased raw material and precious metal costs, rising freight prices, and a less competitive U.S. dollar? What is your company’s PCB buying strategy in this year’s challenging business environment? Do you actually have one? I’m giving a webinar on May 19 (1pm-3pm EDT) that will give board buyers the tools they need [...]

No Fooling—PCB Materials Increase Again on April 1st

March 30, 2021: As I wrote in January in Circuits Assembly magazine, the PCB industry is in the midst of a perfect storm when it comes to rising costs. Unfortunately, that storm is likely to stay with us through 2021. All indications point to continued growth for the electronics industry, meaning higher pricing for U.S. PCB buyers. Here’s the breakdown: Copper:  China has rebounded faster from the COVID slowdown than [...]

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How to Minimize Questions on Your PCB Orders

March 25, 2021: I often hear complaints from buyers that PCB manufacturers—both domestic and offshore—ask too many engineering questions after receiving an order. I see engineering questions as a good thing. They protect everyone’s interests. But here’s a tip for decreasing the number of questions you get when you place circuit board orders: Make sure your company has a PCB fabrication specification in place. Then ensure the specification is fully [...]

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