PCB Basics for Buyers: A Quick Guide to the PCB Industry

A PCB Broker by Any Other Name Is Still a Broker

November 24, 2020: I’ve noticed some PCB brokers try to camouflage the nature of their business. Many call themselves service providers or global sourcing experts. I’ve even recently seen brokers describing themselves as a virtual manufacturer or an integrated producer. But with a nod to Shakespeare, a broker by any other name is still a broker. Years ago, board brokers were small-time operations with only a handful of customers. They [...]

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Adding Quality PCB Suppliers Is Easier Than You Think

Nov. 17, 2020: Why are PCB buying departments often hesitant to move business from one vendor to another, even when it is clearly warranted? Perhaps it’s the overly cumbersome process required by many EMS and OEM companies before PCB orders can be moved. I understand we are all busy these days. And I understand that adding a new vendor to the approved vendor list (AVL) can be time-consuming. But it’s [...]

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A Perfect Storm for PCB Freight Delays

November 5, 2020: Even in “normal” times, the holiday season is notorious for freight delays. This year, getting your PCBs delivered on time will be even more challenging because of COVID and its effects on the airline industry. The majority of air freight is hauled in the cargo holds of passenger aircraft. The COVID  travel bans have reduced the number of international flights available to carry that freight. As we [...]

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