PCB Basics for Buyers: A Quick Guide to the PCB Industry

Shelter in the PCB Supply Chain Storm

September 16: PCB Buyers: Don't miss this chance to find shelter in the supply chain storm on Thursday Sept. 17 at 9:30 AM EST “THE WORLD IS NOT INTERESTED IN THE STORMS YOU ENCOUNTERED, BUT DID YOU BRING IN THE SHIP?”- WILLIAM MCFEE Maintain your course while overcoming obstacles! Be sure to register for Matric Group's first ever virtual conference September 17 & 18. Learn how supply chain disruptions and [...]

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2 and 4-Layer PCB Exclusion from China Tariffs Extended Until Year’s End

August 20, 2020: Earlier this month, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) issued an extension of products excluded from its Section 301 tariffs on Chinese imports. This new list includes 2 and 4-layer rigid printed circuit boards (Items 198 & 200, found on Page 16). Those layer counts are now exempt from the 25% tariff until December 31st. As mentioned in an earlier post, the exclusions are retroactive to the date the tariffs [...]

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A PCB Broker by Any Other Name Is Still a Broker

August 18, 2020: I’ve noticed a trend among PCB brokers to camouflage the nature of their business. Many call themselves service providers or global sourcing experts. I’ve even recently seen brokers describing themselves as a virtual manufacturer or an integrated producer. But with a nod to Shakespeare, a broker by any other name is still a broker. Years ago, board brokers were small-time operations with only a handful of customers. [...]

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Total Cost of Ownership Usually Favors Domestic PCB Assembly

August 13, 2020: I always ask my customers to look at a job’s total cost of ownership (TCO) before deciding where and how to select PCB manufacturers and assembly houses. And while I’ve long recommended offshore options for PCB manufacture, I am telling about 80 percent of my OEM customers to use domestic EMS shops for their assembly needs. That’s because the TCO for a domestic build may be a [...]

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Get Your PCB Buying Team Trained

August 11, 2020: How do you ensure you’re getting the best PCB pricing, quality, and delivery in this challenging pandemic economy? If you’re in management, do you just assume your PCB buyers will gain all the knowledge they need on the job? I can’t tell you how many OEM and EMS companies have a seat-of-the-pants approach to buying printed circuit boards. This approach often leads to costly mistakes. Sooner or [...]

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