PCB Basics for Buyers: A Quick Guide to the PCB Industry

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September 30, 2020: Join EMS publisher Eric Miscoll, industry journalist Philip Stoten, ICAPE’s Roger Harts, and PCB buying expert Greg Papandrew on October 21st at 5 PM EST for a virtual PCB panel discussion. Greg and Roger are both leaders in PCB procurement. In this panel discussion, they will explore the PCB industry in North America, what "re-shoring" might look like, the need for digitalization, and other challenges and opportunities [...]

Sure You’re Not Using a PCB Broker?

September 22, 2020: When PCB buyers began to source their boards offshore a couple of decades ago, brokers undeniably provided a valuable service. They took over some of the headaches that went along with doing business with circuit board builders halfway around the world. But things have changed dramatically. Advances in technology and a growing level of sophistication from both buyers and PCB manufacturers mean it’s much easier to do business directly. [...]

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Shelter in the PCB Supply Chain Storm

September 16: PCB Buyers: Don't miss this chance to find shelter in the supply chain storm on Thursday Sept. 17 at 9:30 AM EST “THE WORLD IS NOT INTERESTED IN THE STORMS YOU ENCOUNTERED, BUT DID YOU BRING IN THE SHIP?”- WILLIAM MCFEE Maintain your course while overcoming obstacles! Be sure to register for Matric Group's first ever virtual conference September 17 & 18. Learn how supply chain disruptions and [...]

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