PCB Basics for Buyers: A Quick Guide to the PCB Industry

A Letter Like This From Your PCB Broker Should Raise Red Flags

August 17, 2021: Some PCB brokers may not be correctly applying the 25% tariff on circuit boards imported from China. Specifically, these U.S.-based brokers seem to lack clarity on how tariffs are to be applied and who ultimately pays them. The 25% tariff is due on the cost of the board that the importer (the PCB broker) pays the Chinese manufacturer at time of export. It should not be applied [...]

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PCB Buyers Still Want Personalized Service

August 10, 2021: COVID has certainly taken its toll on PCB buyers and sellers, forcing their relationship to become more "virtual" than it might otherwise have been. But does that forced digitization suggest board buyers no longer value a more personal, ongoing relationship with PCB sales people and suppliers? Not according to a recent survey by The Sandler Research Center. According to "What Buyers Want and How Buyers Work," more than 75 [...]

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Domestic PCB industry: Look in the Mirror

July 20, 2021: I couldn’t agree more with IPC president and CEO John Mitchell’s recent opinion piece in Roll Call about the Biden administration’s review of America’s strategic supply chains. Specifically, the article addresses the administration’s willingness to invest mightily in the global chip shortage. As Mitchell points out, however, it will take this and much more to help the U.S. electronic manufacturing industry remain competitive. “The issue is that [...]

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Don’t Let Perfection Be the Enemy of a Perfectly Good PCB

July 6, 2021: Does your PCB quality team inspect to pass or inspect to fail? Knowing the difference between what is rejectable in a printed circuit board and what is a nonissue is more important than ever. Read more in my latest column in Circuits Assembly magazine. Have questions about best practices in PCB purchasing? Reach out to me at 

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