You no longer need an expensive domestic broker getting between you and your offshore vendors.

DirectPCB® has a better way that will save you money while still delivering high-quality boards on time.

We’ve already done the work of weeding out low performers and pre-qualifying top-tier overseas vendors. We get your orders into those vendors at the most competitive prices. And our offshore personnel conduct on-site expediting and inspection—while offering round-the-clock communication—so you always know where your boards are.

We do all this for less than the cost of an old-fashioned broker.

Why pay for an exorbitant U.S. middleman? It’s an outdated model that’s costing you money. DirectPCB® gives you the best of both worlds: offshore pricing and stellar, vendor-based service.

Want to learn more? Contact us today. Or go ahead and send us your Gerbers! *Important: No export-controlled information, please.

DirectPCB® FAQs

*Important: No export-controlled information, please.

We need any of the following information to give you an accurate quote: Gerber data, fabrication notes, PDF file, and/or array drawing, along with any special notes. Most PCBs of standard construction can be quoted within hours. PCBs that have higher layer counts, HDI, micro-via, or blind and buried via technology, may take up to 24 hours. Please send all RFQs via email to

We cannot accept the files for PCBs that require being built to military or ITAR specifications as we provide PCBs supplied by offshore manufacturers. We would be more than happy to recommend several U.S.-based manufacturers who are able to quote those projects.

The price quoted includes delivery to your door. The tariff charge is based upon a percentage of the export price of the board and will be listed as a separate line item on your invoice.

Most orders take two to four weeks, depending on the complexity of the order (layer count, technology) and volume required.

The shipping method depends on purchase order requirements, volume of boards desired, and target costs to be met. Shipping via FedEx, UPS, or DHL is the most costly and averages two days. A freight forwarder does not cost as much, but requires four to seven days. Sea freight takes about four to five weeks and is the most cost-effective option. Our offshore service center sends daily WIP and SHIP reports detailing the status of all open orders. You’ll also get the respective tracking numbers once your order has shipped.

All of our partner facilities are UL- and ISO-certified, with several having attained TS, AS, or Medical certification. Customer quality questionnaires/survey forms are submitted for your review. A sample build of a production order, along with the associated First Article Reports, are provided at no charge on all first-time orders.

Yes. We realize that one offshore facility will not meet all the needs of every customer’s manufacturing projects.  DirectPCB® relies on several thoroughly vetted partners to meet the needs of our customers. However, once a part number is placed with one of our offshore partner facilities, it is never moved without prior approval, to ensure product consistency.

DirectPCB® encourages on-site audits of any of our offshore partner facilities. We will be pleased to coordinate a site survey with your quality staff once they arrive overseas. Please contact to coordinate the site survey.

DirectPCB’s offshore inspection teams perform a quality review of each order at the factory so that quality issues, if any, are resolved before orders are shipped. In the rare event of a quality issue, DirectPCB® will provide a suitable domestic or offshore resolution.

DirectPCB® will warehouse product in our own distribution center, or consign inventory to your warehouse or a logistically convenient bonded warehouse. We can provide custom solutions to meet the needs of our clients. A pre-determined minimum inventory level from which product shall be “pulled” or “released” to production can be maintained and replenished.

Terms are 30 days, 2% Net 10 after approval.

More questions? Contact Greg Papandrew at *Important: No export-controlled information, please.