August 31, 2021:

Program managers can make (or break) your company.

Do your program managers have the skills and knowledge they need to manage our industry’s supply chain challenges?

Can they communicate effectively with both your customers and production control? Do they understand contract negotiations enough to keep your firm out of harm’s way?

If not, there’s a way to help them develop those skills.

The IPC Certified Electronics Program Manager (CEPM) Training and Certification course will give your customer-facing team these tools, boosting struggling program managers and making good ones even better.

The instructor-led online course provides the educational benefits of live instruction and group discussions with the flexibility and cost-savings of e-learning.

The six-week program utilizes interactive webinars, on-demand recorded training, job-specific exercises, and team projects to facilitate mastery of the key business and technical concepts required of program managers in the electronics industry.

The CEPM course covers:

  • Program management
  • Project planning
  • Team building
  • Basic cost accounting practices
  • Forecasting and inventory control
  • Negotiating contractual terms with customers
  • Sales and negotiation skills

I am a big advocate for training. In fact, I took this course myself and found it valuable in teaching me about the EMS industry. It provided specific skills for the PCB industry that have allowed me to serve my customers even better.

The next CEPM course starts in late September, and there is still time to register. Check it out here to learn more.

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