August 10, 2021:

COVID has certainly taken its toll on PCB buyers and sellers, forcing their relationship to become more “virtual” than it might otherwise have been.

But does that forced digitization suggest board buyers no longer value a more personal, ongoing relationship with PCB sales people and suppliers?

Not according to a recent survey by The Sandler Research Center.

According to “What Buyers Want and How Buyers Work,” more than 75 percent of respondents—including buyers across a wide range of industries—say they want a long-term, symbiotic relationship with their suppliers that also includes face-to-face encounters.

And nearly half of respondents say their dependence on such relationships is likely to increase, meaning those sales people who invest in building trust in their customers are likely to benefit.

My interactions with PCB buyers tell me they feel the same.

Today’s buyers want to be understood. They need to feel respected and want to be able to trust their vendors are continually working to earn the right to their business. They don’t want to just be sold to.

The pandemic and changing technology have no doubt caused an evolution in the PCB buyer/seller relationship.

But those sales staff who learn every aspect of their customers’ businesses, anticipating their needs and finding innovative solutions to their problems, will still reap the rewards.

And that’s how it’s always been.

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