June 4, 2020:

What is your company’s PCB buying strategy as we emerge from the confines of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown? Do you have one?

Those responsible for corporate procurement need to understand that supplier diversification is the most important thing their companies can do at this time to remain competitive in this challenging economy.

Unfortunately, many OEM and EMS companies have invested too much of their annual PCB spend with only one vendor. That could prove to be a costly mistake.

I understand and appreciate vendor loyalty, but are you leveraging your vendor or are you being leveraged by your vendor?

The truth is, companies that stick with this one-vendor approach will have a harder time remaining competitive in the post-pandemic world.

“We have used this vendor for years” is not a viable strategy.

PCB buyers who don’t routinely review their vendor base are too comfortable in their jobs. Buyers should always be working to keep vendor pricing in check. They should regularly seek offerings from other vendors to compare with the prices they’re getting.

And it’s not an excuse to say buyers are overwhelmed with too many other responsibilities. Keeping the vendor base on its toes is a core PCB buyer responsibility.

It’s also the job of upper management to ensure that buyers and PCB sales people are always working to bring prices down.

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